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Is Winter the Time for a Tattoo?

The weather outside might be frightful, but is it the time to get a new tattoo? It depends. There are a few pros and cons to consider when planning on getting a tattoo either during warmer months or colder ones. 

One of the biggest things that can damage and ruin a tattoo is too much sun exposure. During the summer months you are wearing tank tops and shorts exposing your new tattoo to the elements. One of the perks of the cooler months is that you will most likely be wearing more clothing and spending less time outside in direct sunlight. This will help protect your tattoo, especially during the healing period. No matter the time of year, the less time you spend out in the sun, the better protected your tattoo will be. 

But one of the cons of winter is that the multiple layers of clothing that you wear to stay warm might feel uncomfortable and rub up against a new tattoo and irritate it. You might to stay warm, but consider wearing looser fitting clothing if winter time is your time for new ink. 

Another con of the getting a tattoo during the winter months is that the weather tends to be harsher on your skin. Snow and ice with cold temperatures can make your skin drier than usual. You may need to step up your moisturizing routine a bit more during winter to keep your tattoo from becoming dry and dull.  Drier skin can make your tattoo feel more itchy. No matter how itchy it feels, scratching your tattoo can damage it. 

One of the biggest pros to getting a tattoo during winter time is the fact that by the time weather turns warm your tattoo will be completely healed and ready to show off. You won’t have to worry about staying out the pool or getting too sweaty while your new ink heals. 

Another pro of getting tattooed during winter is you might be able to get your tattoo done sooner. When warm weather comes around with the chance to show off a new tattoo, the more people want them. Artists schedules can fill up fast and you will be waiting for a while. If you go during the colder months you might find more availability with the artist of your choice. 

All in all, it comes down to your personal choice. If you are going to get a tattoo regardless of the season make sure that you listen to your artist with the aftercare. No matter what, it is up to you to take care of your tattoo if you want it to look the best that it can for as long as possible. 


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