I Hate My Tattoo- Help!

Maybe you had a bad tattoo design, or you picked a not so good artist. There could be multiple reasons why you have come to hate the tattoo that you have. But even though they say tattoos are permanent, there are a couple of different options if you truly don’t want to keep the tattoo that you have. 
One of the most popular options is to get a cover up tattoo. Some things to consider with a cover up is that the new work will most likely need to be larger than the original piece. Also sometimes you might have to to go with darker colors or heavier shading to cover the original design. Cover up tattoos also may take longer in order to fully make sure that the original tattoo is no longer showing.
Another option if you don’t want to fully coverup your tattoo is to rework/redesign your tattoo. Maybe you like the overall theme of the tattoo, but the detail is lacking. Finding a good artist can lead to a redesign of an existing tattoo. It could be adding more details, more colors, dimension, shading, ect. This also might be a better option than a full coverup depending on the individual tattoo. 
Another option is to get the tattoo removed. Some things to consider with the laser removal is that it can be a lengthy process, with multiple sessions. It’s also not a guarantee that you will be completely free of the tattoo. You could also end up with scaring after the process is complete.  You should also be aware of the health risks involved with laser seeing that all the ink is being pushed into the body, through the lymphatic system and other organs. 
If you are truly unhappy with your tattoo you have options and don’t have to be stuck forever with a bad design. You should do your research and pick a reputable artist. This shouldn’t be a decision you make lightly in case you end up with an even worse tattoo than before. But if you do your homework and have a consultation to go over your options you could end up with a better tattoo than you thought you could have.

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