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How To Choose A NEW Style Of Tattoo 2023


A very specific style of tattoo for this sleeve piece.

One of the many things to consider when getting your tattoo is what style of tattoo you want it in. Other factors are what the tattoo is of (the subject matter), if you want color or black/grey, body placement and size. Some of these factors can actually affect what style you can or cannot get. There are very few that you can’t get, but there are some. For example, and ultra photo realistic Mona Lisa painting the size of a dime. It’s just not very plausible. Or, dark art style in bright vibrant colors. It just wouldn’t make any sense. You could, however, have bright vibrant colors for a traditionally dark subject matter tattoo to be ironic.

One thing to consider when choosing your style is your personality. If you are a happy/bubbly person most the time, maybe consider illustrative, “ignorant” or “cartoon” style. Perhaps even a sticker style tattoo. If you are more of an old school rebel, American Traditional could be a good choice. Or, if you lean to the darker side of things, Dark Art or Trash Polka might be the right thing for you.

The company you keep may lead you in a particular direction. Say, you want a tattoo, really want one, but your family does not approve at all. Even though it’s really none of their business, you still don’t want to offend or disappoint them. In that case, maybe a micro, minimalist or small fine-line style. It could even be a combination of those three.

Your workplace may affect what you choose. Similarly to the previous topic, you want to consider the people around you. If your workplace doesn’t approve tattoos, which fortunately is not very common these days, you could also get something subtle or in a place they’ll never see.

What are you trying to communicate with your tattoo? Are you trying to convey that you are unapproachable? That you area easy going? Creative? Your message is a very big part of what style you decide to get. You may not be trying to send off any vibes with your tattoos, but most people get a particular tattoo for a reason. If you get a tattoo of a Funko Pop Freddy Krueger, you’re probably trying to say that you’re fun and that you also enjoy dark things. If you get a very realistic eagle and flag tattooed on your arm, you’re trying to display that you are patriotic and that you love your country.

Future plans. What are you plans for your future tattoos, if you have any? If you have an idea in your head for expanding on your tattoos, for example, eventually having a full sleeve, you may want to think about what tattoos you want in the future so that you can decide now on the style. Of course, if you want a mis-matched sleeve, that is a thing. It’s patchwork style. However, if you want a nice flow to the theme of your tattoo, and you are envisioning a semi-realistic Norse God scene all over your arm, make sure you start off with semi-realistic from the beginning.

When choosing your style, also making sure you are choosing the right artist for that particular style. All the artists at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo are very competent, but some are better at particular styles than others, and vice versa.

Now that you have something to go off of, any of our tattoo artists would be more than happy to help you figure out a style that’s right for you! Feel free to contact us for inquiries or to book at 801-497-9700!

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