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How long should I wait to shave my newly tattooed area?

After getting a new tattoo in a place you want to shave later it is important to remember proper aftercare. A completed tattoo requires anywhere from 2-4 weeks and sometimes even 6 weeks, possibly longer to fully heal. During this time it is important to give your tattoo the best possible aftercare so you can have the tattoo look as great for the rest of your life. 

Part of that aftercare is treating your new tattoo like a wound. Lucky Bamboo provides great information on handling the aftercare of your new piece  and one of the practices is to leave your tattoo alone as much as possible doing the healing process. The less you mess with it, the better it will heal. This includes shaving your new tattoo. You don’t want to shave over a healing area of skin and further prolong the healing process or create damage to your new tattoo.

Everyone heals at a different rate and that all depends on the individual, the size of tattoo, the area of where the tattoo is located, the artist whom did it and their experience level, how it was cared for, the persons health and lifestyle to name a few. It is highly recommended that you don’t shave over your tattoo until it is completely healed.  At the point of your tattoo completely being healed then you can proceed with your normal shaving habits. If the skin under and around the tattooed area looks the same as the untattooed skin then it is most likely ok to shave. It is recommended though to add a moisturizer after shaving in order to protect your tattoo.

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