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How Long Can I Sit For?

There are a few reasons why sitting for longer sessions is optimal. For larger tattoos, your artist takes time and lots of attention to place the stencil. They pay close attention to how it fits your body, assess vanishing points, and create the blueprint for your tattoo. Some tattoos have a lot of detail that needs to be mapped out for progress moving forward. You want to allow your tattoo artist the time they need to work on it. This is why some artists, for larger pieces or highly detailed tattoos, the artist requires 6-hour sessions.

Now the longest session at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo is 6 hours, with a scheduled 1-hour lunch break. This is meant to give both client and artist a break.

Everyone has the ability to sit for 6 hours. Don’t let your session length psyche you out. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep, eat a decent breakfast, and always stay hydrated. It’s all mind over matter.

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