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Holidays 2023 At Lucky Bamboo Tattoo


Krampus Drawing done by Jared

With holidays rapidly approaching, our artists schedules are getting pretty filled up. If you are looking to get a tattoo before the New Year, you may want to get that booked ASAP. Some of our artists are booked out, or nearly booked out past the New Year, but there is still some good time spots open with others.

Lucky Bamboo Tattoo is closed on Sunday and Monday weekly, and some of the holidays we are generally closed happen to fall on one of those two days. We aren’t open on Thanksgiving, which is Thursday November 23rd this year. We are also closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but those holidays fall on Sunday and Monday anyway. We are also closed on New Years Day, but again, that also falls on a day we’re already closed. So this year, the only day we will be closed that would normally be open is on Thanksgiving.

Regarding artist availability up until the New Year, we have some open spots as of this moment. Obviously that changes constantly. The only artist that is completely booked into next year is Jared. All the other artists have some open availability still for the taking, including a couple of full 6 hour days for each. Again, this can all change each day, so if you are interested, it’s best to inquire sooner than later.

Even though Jared is currently booked out, that doesn’t mean it will stay that way. If someone has to move their appointment, and it’s within the required 7 business days notice, he may have something open up. So, don’t be afraid to book because we can put anybody on the waiting list and get them in sooner if something was to suddenly become available.

Since time may be a factor, not all tattoos require a consult. If the idea is fairly straight forward and you’re cool with the artist having some artistic freedom to create something awesome based off your idea, often we can just get a quote from the artist and get you booked.


If you’re ready to get your next tattoo done, schedule an appointment with an award-winning tattoo parlor. Here at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo, we have some of the best and most experienced tattoo artists in the Salt Lake City area. We can tattoo any style you’d like, and our artists can even design your next piece as well.

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