Halloween Is Upon Us 2023


This creepy dark art piece by Jared would make a great Halloween tattoo.
Scary Dark Art by Jared

It’s that time again, and Halloween will continue to be a favorite holiday to many! There’s so much to enjoy with Halloween and it’s so different than most of the other holidays. Mind-numbing gatherings, excessive spending and greed are not a part of it. It’s all about fun, creativity and spooky times. It gives adults a valid reason to wear a crazy costume without getting the funny looks. It would be wonderful to be able to go to work every day dressed as a different video game character, but that’s not reality. Adults have to…adult (excuse that cringy saying).

It’s a great time of year for just having fun and not worrying about which relative you get annoyed by the most sitting next to you for Thanksgiving dinner. Or the annual Thanksgiving argument, which is inevitable. Or Spending way too much for that Christmas gift that will only be worth half, if you’re lucky, in a year. No, it’s just flat out fun. Getting spooked (when you deep down know you’re safe) is good times! Why else are haunted houses so popular? People like being scared.

Unlike another unnamed holiday, Halloween doesn’t shove itself down everyone’s throats 4 months before it actually happens. No, it appears precisely at the right time, for the right amount of time. You don’t have to endure months of Halloween music being blared inside every store you walk into. Halloween respects you.

Besides the candy, scary movies and apple bobbing, a great thing to do would be to get yourself a fantastic new Halloween inspired tattoo! Click the button below to read our recent article about how to plan out your Halloween tattoo!

Unless you are an absolute Halloween fanatic, try to think of something that fits the season, but it’s not so specific to the holiday. The obvious one here is jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins as they are very specific. However, if you are a huge fan of Halloween, go for it!

Spooky or even spooky/cute tattoos can come in many fashions. A great dark art piece, a realistic Jason mask, or just a cute little cat wearing a ghost sheet. One way or another, there is a Halloween piece out there that can fit into just about anybody’s life. A Jack and Sally “The Lovers” tarot card tattoo could be relevant all year, for example.

If you happen to have a decent size linear scar, a great incorporation to that could be a butcher knife appearing to be coming out of the scar, or maybe Freddy’s glove slash.

Sometimes something as simple as a symbol could do the trick. The Saw spiral, Lecter’s mask or maybe the ghost face from Scream. Anything iconic to the horror movie genre could turn into a great Halloween and year round tattoo.

One of the newer “dark” trends is the style of Neo-traditional Cyber-sigilism. It looks like something that came from the combined minds of Tim Burton and HR Giger, and this art style looks fantastic and amazingly creepy in a profoundly beautiful way. Some of our artists here at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo are really eager to get working on pieces like this, as it being so new to the scene, not too many people have booked them or even know what the style is yet. Pineapple did a spider in this style recently, which earned him a 5 star Google review.

Review for Pineapple for his cyber-sigilism spider tattoo.

If you interested in booking this fairly new style of tattoo, or any other tattoo, you can call the studio directly or reach us through our inquiry form by pressing the button below.


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