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Gift Cards and Gift Certificates

There are some differences and some similarities. The obvious is that they are both GREAT gift ideas. But there are some differences to note. The first, a gift card is on a physical plastic card. See the image below. It can be saved, used, and refilled. It does expire after 2 years, post-purchase date. And if it’s lost, we may be able to find it in our system for you. It can be applied to your deposit, can be used on merchandise as well as Outlaw Organics. You can use some of it and save the rest for later!

Gift certificates are a little bit different. Gift certificates come in paper form. They are sometimes bought as gifts, they may have also been a bonus incentive during one of our sales, and are mailed out to our active clients as a thank you and a gift for their birthday.  They are good for ONE year after it has been issued. It is for a specific amount and will have to be used all at once. They cannot be applied to your deposit, they must be brought in and applied to the cost of your tattoo. Now if you are in possession of one of these, let the front staff know and they will ensure that you can utilize your gift certificate when you check out for your tattoo. They are not applicable to merchandise.


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