Finger Tattoos: Worth vs. Cost

Lately it has been more and more trendy to get finger tattoos. People have been becoming less shy about tattooing almost every part of their bodies and that is including the fingers. Whether it’s something small and hidden on the sides, or a band instead of wearing a ring, there are a bunch of ways to make your style with a finger tattoo. But it is important to look at all the pros and cons with finger tattoos. 

In the most practical sense finger tattoos may not be the best idea if you are aiming for longevity. Your hands are constantly being used in everyday life, exposed to sun and water and other elements that can affect the healing of your tattoo. Tattoos on your fingers can be the most difficult to maintain. Finger tattoos don’t usually hold ink as well as other spots which can make them fade faster or need to get them redone or touched up frequently. 

Another thing to consider is the time length of healing. Due to the fact that you are using your hands and fingers daily it can take a long time to heal a finger tattoo. It can be hard to place a bandage over and around your finger to let it heal fast and that can be hard to avoid soap and products coming in contact with it delaying a healing time. 

It’s common knowledge that fingers are small. Hence finger tattoos will be small. This can be limiting in the design of tattoo that you are wanting. It is hard to fit a lot of detail into a small space. Finger tattoos can often also be at risk for blow outs or blurred ink. With the skin on your fingers being so thin the needle can accidentally go too deep and cause lines to become blurred as the ink spreads too much. 

One last thing to consider is that while tattoos are becoming more common place and more largely accepted it is not always a guarantee that potential work places will accept them. It may be a better idea to place a tattoo in an area that is not as visible or can be easily hidden. Unless you are going to be wearing gloves it can be hard to hide a finger tattoo.

All in all finger tattoos can be a fun trendy type of tattoo to get done. Keep in mind that even though it seems little and easy, one should definitely consider all the pros and cons to getting a finger tattoo. 

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