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Facts About Laser Tattoo Removal

Do they work? Most of the time, yes. However, it often takes multiple sessions. Keep in mind it’s anywhere from $200-$500 PER SESSION, not per tattoo. So, it can get quite expensive, especially if the tattoo is large or very dark. Some people actually experience the tattoo getting darker after the first session. Also, you could experience micro-hemmoraging, scarring, blisters, crusting, etc.

Why get a tattoo removed? Well, maybe you made the wonderful mistake of getting an ex’s name, or worse, their face tattooed on you. Of course you want that gone. Or perhaps, your cousin Eddie made himself a tattoo “gun” from the motor of an old cassette player and you gleefully and regrettably volunteered to be his tattoo guinea pig. You don’t want that messed up looking Mickey Mouse tattoo on your ankle or forearm any longer. Completely understandable. But is removal the best option?

If you are working in an industry that still prudishly shuns visible tattoos, first that’s unfortunate for you, but second, removal may be your only option if you like and want to keep your job.

If that’s not the case, I recommend a cover-up over removal. Many talented artists, including our own, are very skilled at covering up old or unwanted tattoos. You’d have a beautiful new piece of art to show off and you could amaze those around you with the before an after pictures. Why not create instead of destroy?

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