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Facts About Finger, Hand and Foot Tattoos


This finger and hand tattoo was done by Vitalii.

Many people are getting finger, hand and foot tattoos these days. Especially small finger tattoos, they seem to be a trend. There are a few things you may want to keep in mind regarding these tattoos.

Because of the nature of the skin in these areas, they shed skin cells faster and more often. They heal differently than other parts of your body. Some people get the palms of their hands tattooed, and the skin sheds particularly fast in that location.

Because you use your hands and feet constantly, sometimes tattoos in these placements need touchups more often than other tattoos. You’re always washing your hands, and your feet are often rubbing on the insides of socks and shoes. This is only a concern during the healing phase. 

Some people believe that all tattoos on fingers fade very fast. This isn’t true. It really depends on the design, the artist and the way your skin works. There is no black or white on this matter. There is quite a bit of grey area. We’ve seen finger tattoos that have been in place for decades, while we’ve seen some that need touchups within a year.

Because of how close the bone is on all these areas, and the increased nerve endings naturally in your body, these spots have a tendency to be a bit more tender when getting tattooed. Don’t be surprised if it’s more painful than a tattoo that you got on your upper arm.

Some people out there are still quite prudish regarding tattoos on the fingers, hands, feet (not so much because they can’t see them), face and neck. Even though, according to the newest Pew Research poll, 32% of Americans have a tattoo, with 22% having more than one. That may sound low, but it’s actually much much higher than it used to be. Tattoos are becoming more mainstream and accepted, but there is still that stigma attached to the location of some. Tattoos on the hands/fingers, face and neck can still hinder your ability to qualify for a job that you want. Stupid as it is, it’s still a prejudice that some out there must deal with.

When done correctly, a good hand, finger or foot tattoo can look awesome. Something as intricate as knot work or as simple as a wedding band can really stand out!

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