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Dangers of Unregulated Tattooing


Believe it or not, there are still 11 states in the USA that have really no regulations regarding tattoos. Some people out there are thinking “Good!”, but is it really? What’s really at stake of getting a tattoo without regulations? Your health, for one!

Unregulated inks can contain contaminants, metals, carcinogens just for starters. Literally anybody can manufacture tattoo ink and sell it on the US market without having to have it go through the FDA. Anybody. What if some guy mixes up a bunch of inks in his kitchen, which may or may not be clean, bottles it up and sells it on Amazon. Then, because it’s cheap ink, your tattoo artist decides to cut some corners on cost and buys that same ink and then proceeds to inject it into your body. Does that sound good to you?

What about needles? Most studios/shops use single use needle cartridges which are in a sterile package. Once that package has been opened, it is no longer sterile. Many artists open up all the needle packages they feel they will need to finish a tattoo they will be working on. What do you suppose happens to the opened needles that don’t end up getting used? Do they throw them out, or do they just put them aside for the next person? While sitting out, exposed, do you think it’s possible very small specks may have possible cross-contaminated those needles that will be used later on? Most definitely.

That leads to the next part. If someone uses non-sterile, previously exposed needles, there is now a risk of various blood borne pathogens, such as Hepatitis and HIV. Poor conditions can also lead to infection and disease. If the artist doesn’t keep his work area clean, and cleans up meticulously between clients, he or she is putting their clients at risk.

So, why are so many in the industry freaking out about the new proposed MoCRA (Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act of 2022)? The very simple answer…money. They an no longer cut corners to improve their profit margin. That’s just too damn bad.

Fortunately, Lucky Bamboo Tattoo has, and always was, up to the standards of a regulated area. All artists use EU regulated inks. All artists throw out needles that are no longer sterile. All artists fully clean, and keep clean their working areas to ensure client safety. All artist maintain a current Blood borne pathogen and CPR/First Aid certification, and re-certify often.

Choose your studio or shop wisely. It’s not worth going to a cheap shop just save a relatively small amount of money.

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