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Covering Up Scars With Tattoos

If you have scars and are wanting to cover them up with a tattoo there are a few things that you should know. You will want to think about the type of scar you have, and how old that scar is. What kind of tattoo design are you looking for? Do you want to try to hide the scar completely or do you want to highlight the scar and make it part of the design? And you also need to do some research to find a good tattoo artist who can cover a scar. 

The first thing to consider is the type of scar that you have. How old is your scar that you want to get tattooed? Over time collagen breaks down at the site of your original wound and the blood supply is reduced. With passing time the scar can become softer, smoother, and more pale. Older scars are easier to tattoo over than newer scars and most places won’t tattoo you if the scar is 6 months or less old. You should generally wait a year before attempting to tattoo over scar tissue. The longer you give the scar to settle and heal the better chance you have of creating a tattoo over it. Other things to consider is how deep is the tissue damage, and  is there toughened scar tissue? 
This leads to the next point and that is to manage your expectations. Scar tissue tattoos differently than normal skill and can effect some design choices in what can be done to cover a scar. Scars harden your skin and make the surface irregular. Scarred skin is also less able to absorb ink compared to normal skin. The ink can also settle irregularly into your scar tissue. This can potentially lead to blurring and distortion. Some scar tissue might not take on any ink at all leading to areas of fading and patchiness. Tattooing over scarred tissue may need more sessions or darker colors. 
This can be alleviated by finding a tattoo artist that has experience with tattooing over scars. You should do your research and find an artist with a style that you like and also one with the experience to give you the best tattoo possible. It is not impossible to cover a scar, you just need to have the patience and trust in your artist to be able to design the best tattoo possible and give the outcome you are wanting. 

Do you have scars that you’d like to cover up with tattoos? Contact us today to schedule an appointment or a free consultation.

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