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Coronavirus and Lucky Bamboo Tattoo

With the Coronavirus outbreak came the fear of going out and enjoying their lives or doing things they found pleasure in before the pandemic hit. Many people have reconsidered or postponed getting a tattoo during this outbreak because they are not aware or educated on the steps that a studio takes to protect the health and well-being of its clients. We at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo have not experienced a single case of Covid-19 transmitted since the outbreak began as we do everything possible to ensure the cleanliness and safety of everyone we come in contact with.

We always take the necessary steps and precautions to guard against pathogens and cross contamination, it’s nothing new to us as before, during, or after the global pandemic outbreak.  We sanitize and disinfect all of the tools and surfaces after each use and use barriers and disposable items to ensure that the environment is clean, safe and up to standards. We go above and beyond the health department standards and regulations to ensure that necessary steps of cleaning and sanitization are utilized as health and safety of our clients has and always will be important to the owner and the staff of Lucky Bamboo Tattoo.

One of the things we noticed is that our business didn’t slow down at all during the outbreak and we have been full speed ahead at making our clients dreams come true one tattoo at the time and we have no intentions of slowing down. We as Lucky Bamboo Tattoo pride ourselves on cleanliness of the studio and friendliness and attentiveness of  all our staff members to our clients needs.

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