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Consult or Booking For Your NEW 2023 Tattoo? Which Do You Need?


A sleeve tattoo, like the one pictured, often need a consult.
art by Christina Walker

Sometimes when you are planning out a tattoo, you may be unsure if you are in need of a consultation first, or if you can go straight to booking your tattoo. Fair enough question to ask.

The following generally do NOT need a consultation, and our studio associate can just get you a quote from one of our artists and get you booked for a tattoo. All the artist generally needs to know is what style, size in inches, location to be tattooed, if it’s in black/grey or with color and if it’s a coverup*.

  • Small/straight-forward concepts. For example, a fine line mountain range, a semi-colon butterfly or a wedding band tattoo.
  • Wording and lettering. Usually, the only additional info that is needed for the artist is what the tattoo says and font/style.
  • Symbols. Examples would be a Ying Yang, peace, Kanji, etc.
  • Basic floral concepts. The additional information that is needed is what kind of flowers and how you’d basically like the art laid out (single flower, bouquet, birth flowers, etc).
  • A well known character. Example, perhaps you want Mickey but playing golf and wearing a hat. You’d provide the gist of what you want to our studio associate because the artist will create unique art for you based off the description you gave.
  • Any piece where you give the artist complete freedom for creation based off a concept. For example, you tell your artist you want a full Nordic themed sleeve and you’re cool with them just creating it all. In order to get a proper quote for a piece like that, the artist will need to know the measurements of your arm (for that particular example). Keep in mind, however, if you grant complete artistic freedom, don’t expect to make any major changes to the art on the day of your appointment. The artist will stay in the perimeters of what you asked for, they’re not just going to do anything they want.

The Following generally DO need a consultation to properly assess your tattoo idea and make sure you get an accurate quote and so that the artist can completely understand what kind of art you are looking to get.

  • Large pieces with specific elements that need to be included. Example, you want a Nordic themed sleeve (like the previous example), BUT you want specific things about it that are important to you. It’s best to explain these things face to face with an artist rather than through another person. This way, everyone avoids confusion or misunderstandings.
  • Cover-ups. 9 times out of 10, an artist will want a consultation if a cover-up is involved. Not every circumstance, but most. If it’s a particularly dark tattoo to be covered or it’s large, it’s almost a sure thing the artist will request a consult with you.
  • Tattooing over scars. Similar to cover-ups, most artists will want to do a consult if they are to be doing work over scars. Small scars can sometimes bypass a consult.
  • Any tattoo with important details to be incorporated that are easier to express in person than over the phone or through text.
  • Work to be continued from a previous tattoo/artist. It’s best to discuss your expectations with the artist and also so that they can see in person what they’re going to be working with/on.

Clients are always welcome to book a consult if that makes them more comfortable, even if one isn’t needed. Often you can get in with an artist sooner if you go straight to booking your tattoo, however. To book a consult or tattoo, reach out via our contact section of our website or call us directly at 801-497-9700! We hope to hear from you soon!

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