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Completing Another Artist’s Tattoo

Are artists obligated to stay in one place until all their projects are completed? This would be optimal, but sometimes, life takes us places we may not have anticipated. Given each artist is a free individual, this may lead to unfinished pieces. From a client’s perspective, it can be extremely inconvenient and can lead to a lot of confusion. Where do they go from here? Who can they turn to complete this tattoo? What should they expect? There are a lot of questions, and not every answer is one size fits all. But let’s talk about a few things and hopefully, shed some light on this topic.

 Some artists may be hesitant to work on another artist’s tattoo. This may have been a serious faux pas according to past tattoo culture and etiquette. However, like any culture within a society, it evolves according to the needs of its inhabitants. This means that individuals should not hesitate to reach out to a more reliable source of tattooing, to meet their needs. Here at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo, each of our artists are capable and willing to give you just that. Now, what might that process look like?

Often, when working on a cover up, re-work, or completing a tattoo, the artist would like to meet with you for a consultation. At that time, they will let you know what to expect for pricing, and availability. These consults are free of charge and are valuable opportunities to directly meet with the artist of your choosing. 

 How does an artist go about finishing an incomplete tattoo? A lot of times the artist will try and match the style, color scheme, and layout of the initial tattoo.  But matching the existing ink may be the tricky part. Some of your tattoo is going to look like it was done by one artist, and the remaining may be apparent that a different artist worked on it. To avoid an inconsistent look, your new artist would likely work on the entire piece, not just the missing parts. Creating balance, and flow all throughout the tattoo. 

Let’s say that the artist hasn’t gone anywhere, but you as the client found yourself temporarily relocated, hindering the progress of your tattoo. We would be happy to pick up where we left off but depending on how long the break between appointments was, this may result in the need to go over the completed portion once again. An artist will not let your tattoo look or seem incomplete. 

 Now obviously, every tattoo is different, and not every situation will be the same. But this gives you a little insight into the artistic process of completing a tattoo. As always, do not hesitate to ask questions, and seek the advice of professionals. 

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