Choosing an Experienced Artist

What drives you when choosing a tattoo shop and a tattoo artist? Some choose based on walk-in availability. Others are solely interested in pricing. These can be very valuable key points but should not be the deciding factor. I would challenge you search for an artist based not only on their artwork, but experience as well

 Now there are innumerable tattoo artists out there. Their drawings may be impressive, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they can offer an optimal experience. For someone just starting out, they may have different techniques in tattooing. Every machine, ink, and artist are not the same. Now that’s not to say someone fresh out of their apprenticeship is a subpar artist, but how they learned, what they learned, who they learned from, and how they apply it all, makes a huge difference. You may not even know the difference until a few days have passed. 

 Let me paint a picture of two different, very real, occurrences. The first event is with a very skilled, very experienced artist. The tattoo went by flawlessly. The artist was quick and efficient, in and out in minimal time. Their aftercare protocol was clear and easy to follow. Bandages were covering the area sufficiently, and secondary bandages were provided in abundance. The tattoo went through its anticipated healing process and was essentially healed in a week’s time. This is the kind of experience we strive to achieve. 

 The second instance isn’t necessarily a negative one, but a very different kind. This tattoo took a bit longer, several hours longer for a far less intricate design. We all know tattoos hurt, but this discomfort was growing in intensity and continued even after the tattooing itself concluded. One bandage was placed, and no other bandages were provided. Due to overworking of the skin, the surrounding area swelled, and the bandages split open and began leaking lymph and plasma. Due to the amount of exposed skin, the bandages had to be removed. The tattoo was tended to delicately as the pain increased over the next few hours. Upon comparing both limbs, it was abundantly obvious the limb with the fresh tattoo was significantly more swollen than the other. Over the next few days, keeping it clean, it was necessary to try over the counter remedies to relieve the pain and swelling. Ultimately, a product recommended by the experienced artist (Outlaw Organics) was utilized. Finally, the pain and swelling subsided and not only was there improvement in the surrounding non-tattooed area but the healing had begun on the tattoo itself. 

Now we all know tattoos hurt, and we know the healing process can be different based on the location on the body. But there was another very significant variance, and that came down to the tattoo artists experience. One was more familiar with technique and needle depth. The other unintentionally overworked the skin, causing far more pain, resulting in a prolonged and slow-to-improve healing process. 

Given this incident, I offer some advice. Do research on potential tattoo artists, read reviews, and learn about other’s experiences. Rather than saving yourself a few dollars or getting your tattoo RIGHT NOW, offer yourself an optimal tattooing and healing experience, even if that means you save a little longer. You deserve the best experience, and this is something Lucky Bamboo Tattoo offers.

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