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There are a lot of options out there for tattoo shops. Each of them has a different setting, different artists, different pricing, and different scheduling. Faced with this many options, it may be difficult to know if you’ve found the place that is right for you. Let’s take a moment to examine your options.

What setting are you most drawn to? Some people love the lively environment, surrounded by other artists, and other clients in a communal tattooing space. You are all sharing in the same memory of getting a tattoo with those around you. Whether you are a social butterfly or are a fan of people-watching this may be the right setting for you. Now if this doesn’t sound like your scene, we’re here to offer a totally different experience. At Lucky Bamboo Tattoo, each artist has their own private room in a calm and welcoming environment. You can experience a little moment of Zen while art is being created on your body.

It’s very important to have a level of trust in your artist. Each of our artists has a variety of specialties to meet a plethora of artistic needs. They give the option for a free 30-minute consultation. That time to sit and have a conversation is very valuable and is an option for each of our clients.  The accessibility to an artist, the artist who will be working on you, is such a treat.

Now where a lot of shops vary, in a multitude of ways is their pricing policy. I have been to shops where the first session was several hundred dollars, the second session was double that, and the third session was the same as the second, but I was worked on for a fraction of the time. There are few things that cause me anxiety, but one of those that do is sitting in the tattoo chair not knowing how long my session will be, not knowing what my tattoo will cost, and not knowing what their pricing was based on, and knowing they haven’t quite decided yet. Now I understand there is a margin for error as it pertains to time/pricing quotes. This means there is an understanding that this amount may differ but vary within an anticipated range. Here at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo, the front staff gathers all the details about the tattoo someone is wanting. They bring those details to the artist and the artist will tell them how much time they will need. Then the time needed is multiplied by the artist’s hourly rate to determine the pricing quote. Every client is treated the same, respectfully.

Previously we discussed how pricing quotes are handled, and that directly relates to how LBT conducts its scheduling. Because the artist knows how much time the tattoo will take, we know exactly where we can fit you into the schedule. And if your tattoo will take multiple sessions, we book out each and every one of those appointments. You know what each session is going to cost, you know when your next appointment is, and you know when your tattoo will be completed. No more half-done tattoos just waiting for the artist to agree to work on it again. In fact, here at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo, we have been known to complete half-finished projects for those who are fed up with the guesswork and are done with the waiting game.

What I’m most excited to share with you, is Lucky Bamboo Tattoo’s loyalty program. I have yet to encounter a tattoo shop that so enthusiastically shows how much their clients are appreciated. We have a variety of ways to earn what we call loyalty points. Each point is worth $1 and can be applied toward the cost of your tattoo. When you leave reviews, when you refer clients, when you download our app and play our spin-to-win daily game, you are rewarded! The best way to stay in the know is to follow us on social media and subscribe to our monthly newsletter! There are a lot of different deals, and a lot of different ways LBT can give back to you!

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