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Channeling Energy: Tattoo Excitement

I think we can all agree, getting a tattoo can be one of the most exciting experiences. As we make our way through the inquiry process, hammering out the details, placing the deposit, setting the date, sometimes we wait. Waiting can be so difficult. Waiting is when the mind runs wild. If we allow it, it can lead us to a place of anxiety. We second guess our idea,
we second guess the success of the tattoo, and we lead ourselves down an unpleasant road.

What if, we took that same energy, and rather than fueling anxiety we build up our excitement. This may be easier said than done, especially when we know it is custom to see the design the day of your tattoo, and not prior. There is no reason to fret over design details because we’ve already fallen in love with the work of the artist. We have built a trust in them and are giving them the responsibility of creation. The details were discussed, and an agreement was signed. Rest assured our artists take every tattoo seriously. They strive to make something breathtaking and have you in mind during the drawing process. Consultations are very helpful too. A simple conversation to assure both you and your artist are on the same page. They are taking extensive notes, gathering images, and details. They will even take photos of your body, take that image, and create a design that is tailored for your body and your desires.

Picture this scenario, you’ve given up control. You put your faith into an artist. You daydream about how beautiful this tattoo is going to be. You spend time looking through your artist’s portfolio, admiring years of work. If they did a beautiful job for others, you know they’ll do the same for you! You get a good night’s sleep and have dreams of great tattoos. You wake up, eat a solid breakfast and head to your tattoo appointment with time to spare to complete your consent. Your artist finally calls your name. The reveal you’ve been waiting for is about to happen. And then, there it is. More extravagant than you could have ever imagine. They ask, “Do you like it?” and you respond with excitable praise and gratitude. And at that moment, you wonder why you ever worried at all. All the tension washes away because you put your faith in someone, and it absolutely paid off. Allow yourself these moments by taking a breath and exchanging anxiety for excitement.

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