Celtic Tattoos

Celtic tattoos are some of the most popular tattoo choices that people want to have displayed on their body. There is a rich history surrounding Celtic designs and the meanings included in them.

The word “Celtic” refers to the race of people who lived in the British Isles and Western Europe during the Iron Age. Most of the surviving culture can be found in Ireland, Wales, and Scotland. The Celts created tattoo ink by harvesting local plants which they processed into a paste-like dye. They then would tap the paste into their skin with tools to create their tattoos. They originally only gave their tattoos to warriors. Those tattoos were chosen for masculinity and a show of strength to intimidate their enemies. 

Today Celtic tattoos have more of an introspective meaning to the symbols. The most generalized meanings are vitality and strength, along with protection. There are popular design choices that carry different meanings as well. 

The Trinity is a triple knot also called three-cornered. It has stood for the “Mother, Maiden, and Crone.” In Pagan beliefs it symbolizes the three sacred stages of a woman’s life. Under modern Catholicism, it can mean the “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.” It symbolizes unity because of the unbroken lines and symmetry. 

Celtic Love Knots are a more modern design. It is a sailor’s knot that it is used from two ropes joined together to create a unified knot. These are often used as wedding ring designs or symbols of devotion between long term partners. 

Celtic Spiral Knot tattoos are interesting in the ways that they can be created. This is a design that represents the different parts of life that connect, such as beginnings, endings, and rebirths. 

One of the most recognizable designs is the Dara Knot. It is one of the most elaborate Celtic knot tattoos. What makes it unusual is that it has lines that are not connected where most Celtic designs are. This tattoo looks like a tree because Dara is a word for “oak tree” in old Irish. This knot has a powerful meaning of having strength under pressure and the ability to persevere. It also symbolizes knowledge and life experience. 

Another recognizable design is the Celtic cross. The image was originally created with more pagan beliefs. The circle behind the cross represents the sun, but modern catholics have adapted it to symbolize God’s love. This is a tattoo that is usually done in pride of your heritage or religion. 

Overall there are many more specific knot and designs under the title of Celtic tattoos. Do your research and make sure you understand the meaning of what you are getting. These designs are definitely eye catching and make for a great tattoo choice!

Celtic Tattoo - Lucky Bamboo Tattoo

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