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Cancer Awareness Tattoos- October Blog

In the light of such dark times regarding cancer and it’s horrible effects on someone’s life, there are always ways to bring awareness to the suffering involved. Sometimes it’s a march, sometimes it’s a story told and even sometimes, it’s a tattoo.

Being surrounded by ribbons might make you believe this is the only way to show your love & support. The truth is, when it comes to such a personal matter, any kind of support counts. If you are deciding on a tattoo, any design will be the perfect design. If it’s something sweet like a butterfly or a flower, or something darker that pulls you out of a deep place inside; it’s still the perfect design.

What truly matters is finding the right artist that will bring your  tattoo idea to life. Your design doesn’t have to be large or full of detail, however, every single line needs to be exact. While doing your research for an artist, keep an open mind to the style they offer and be sure to check their reviews.

There is no easy way to deal with the subject of cancer. There are only ways of finding your own healing and strength, and maybe a little tattoo therapy, too.

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