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Can You Work Out After Getting a Tattoo?

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Is it ok to go for your daily workout after getting a tattoo? It all depends on the workout regiment. Most artists would advise taking it easy until you are healed up. You could still engage in mild to moderate activities for the most part, however. Just keep in mind the following below.

-Excessive sweating (and the salt in it) can cause your skin to be too moist and could lead to early color fading, irritation and infection

-When you work out, your blood pressure increases, which could lead to excessive bleeding from the healing tattoo.

-Increased length of healing time, extension to itching and peeling.

If you wanted to engage in some sort of activity so that you’re not just in stasis mode, a good way to go about it would be things like Yoga or long walks. This way, you’re burning some calories, but not building up too much of a sweat or over-exerting yourself and putting stress on the tattoo.

It’s a good rule of thumb when working out at any capacity while healing would be to wear loose fitting clothing, particularly near the tattoo. Don’t go swimming. Make sure you clean the tattoo before and after any type of workout. Avoid public gyms. Public gyms aren’t known to be the cleanest places. If you must go, make sure you personally clean whatever equipment you plan on using before you start. You don’t know if the last person to use it cleaned it properly or not. It’s best to be safe than sorry.

Getting exercise is good, no doubt. But while still healing from a tattoo, just play it smart.


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