Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly tattoos are a very popular choices to get permanently put on your body. Butterflies are a representation of growth and transformation. The life cycle of the butterfly is unique in the fact that it completely morphs from a caterpillar into something brand new. The symbolism is that we always have the ability to change and morph ourselves into something different and greater than what we currently are. 

Butterflies have been around for ages and people have always had associations with them. In the Aztec culture the butterfly symbolized the souls of past warriors. The Butterly was a remembrance of those who had passed away. In Eastern cultures butterflies symbolize joy and happiness. In Scotland red butterflies are believed to be witches in disguise. And in many other cultures butterflies are a good luck charm. 

The different colors that people use when getting a butterfly tattoo can have many different meanings. 

Blue: Blue butterflies are rare in the real world so a tattoo of a blue butterfly is a good luck charm. This color is also used to signify being carefree, gentle, adventurous, and creative. 

Black: Black tribal or Celtic butterflies can represent the temporality of life. The color can also signify that something bad is about to happen. But a black butterfly can also be used as a way to represent loss and dealing with the concept of change. 

Purple: Purple is always known as the color of elegance, nobility and royalty. A purple butterfly can show resilience. A way to give strength to push through and overcome. 

Yellow: Yellow butterflies in the Chinese ideology mean happiness and joy. Among Scottish and Irish yellow butterflies can also mean peace. 

Red: Red is the symbol of love and passion. A red butterfly can symbolize a deep romantic meaning. 

Pink: Pink butterflies can symbolize compassion. Pink is the most feminine color of a butterfly and can be used to convey a more delicate meaning. 

The different shapes and styles of butterflies can also convey meaning as well. Each butterfly can be as unique to you as you could ever want. Here at Lucky Bamboo we have artists who are capable of creating the perfect butterfly tattoo for you!

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