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Best Time Of Year To Get A Tattoo

Regardless of which season you decide to get a new tattoo, being prepared ahead of time is a critical part of the tattoo healing process.  It is normal to want to show off your tattoo after you get it. What season is the best for getting a tattoo you may ask? Each season has pros and cons as to why you should or should not get a tattoo. 

    Winter is a pretty good season to get a tattoo, as long as you’re not spending too much time outdoors. Cold temperatures slow blood flow and cause poor circulation, taking the body much longer to regenerate skin cells. If you get tattooed in the winter, the artwork will be completely healed by the time summer sets in. This will be the best time to show of the piece of art. Compared to the hotter summer months, winter will generally be a slow season for most people. Since fewer people will not get tattoos during this season, the studios will not be as busy. The result will be shorter waiting time and undivided attention from the artist.

    Spring has become quite popular time to get a tattoo. Warm temperatures get people excited about summer as well as showing off their tattoos and bikini bodies. This is also the time when people receive their tax returns so they have extra money to spend, which causes a spike in visits to the tattoo shops which makes it harder to get in and you would need to wait a little bit longer as well. Spring is usually the rainiest of the seasons, which can be harmful to a fresh tattoo if you spend too much time outdoors. Allowing rain to enter your wound site can delay tattoo healing and even put you at risk for developing an infection

    If you plan on getting a tattoo during summer, there are higher chances of infections when the fresh tattoo is exposed to the sun and other elements like sand and salty water. Spending too much time in the sun is easily one of the worst things you can do to your tattoo. UV rays cause skin cells to become damaged or die and can lead to skin cancer. When skin cells become damaged, the skin loses elasticity and becomes rugged. This will eventually alter your tattoo’s crisp lines and colors, leaving you with a dull and faded tattoo. If you are going to get tattooed in summer, take extra precautions to keep your tattoo clean and protected. Be prepared to ditch the pool parties and stay inside until your tattoo is fully healed. 

    Fall is the best time of year to get tattooed. The weather is more agreeable and closely resembles indoor temps, making it the least threatening season to heal wounds. Since the fall season runs from September to December, getting tattooed during these months can be extra fun and festive. Tattoo shops often offer special discounts for the holidays. You may be able to score a sizeable new piece at a discounted price for Halloween or Black Friday. 

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