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Benefits of a Schedule Based Shop

There are many benefits of working with a schedule-based shop. The first is that you can guarantee that time is dedicated to you. The artists aren’t preoccupied with answering phones or stopping to take care of another client. When you come for your appointment you and your artist are in a private room, free of distractions. Now for longer sessions, it is beneficial to take a short break. We all take a scheduled lunch lasting no longer than 1 hour. This way we can stretch our legs, have a meal and get back at it re-energized.

Another benefit worth mentioning is, you know how long your sessions are, when they start and when they end. You have the option to book the session that suits you. Appointments vary in length and are no longer than 6 hours. And being that you are booking by the hour, you budget not only your time but your funds as well. Appointments can be as close as 2 weeks apart, to allow for healing. If you so choose, you can book every 2 weeks or even every 30 days if that creates a better budget for you.

You will book out each appointment needed to complete your piece. No more wondering when your tattoo will be completed or when you’ll even be able to get in next. This is especially valuable to those who are planning their tattoos in preparation for a big event, say a wedding! Nobody wants half-finished tattoos in their wedding pictures. Even before starting your tattoo, our schedule can give you that peace of mind that a non-schedule-based shop cannot afford.

So next time you are researching shops, consider one with organization being of high priority.


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