Band & Musician Love!

Let’s face it, if there’s one thing on this planet we can all agree upon, and put aside all the BS in life, it’s music. Music can drive us, influence us, make us laugh, cry, remember, and so on. It weaves itself into all cultures and societies, and can literally bring us together.

We all have that favorite band or musician. Most of us have more than one favorite. We’ve had our same favorites since we were kids, and it rarely changes.

Quite a few people have tattoos honoring these bands. Led Zeppelin’s rune icons, Rolling Stones’s lips, Pink Floyd’s pyramid, Elton John’s glasses, the “NIN” logo, Metallica in that classic font…the list goes on and on. Getting a band tattoo can be a great way to show your fandom.

Another popular thing is for a band to get their own logo on themselves. It could be something small or enormous. It’s a fun way to commemorate your band and honor your fellow bandmates.

We’ve seen as small as a dime, and as big as a whole back piece dedicated to a single band. Big or small, book yourself a tattoo dedicated to your favorite band! Call 801-497-9700 or click link to book! .

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