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August Blog- Getting Your First Tattoo

First Tattoo

Have you been waiting years for the perfect tattoo yet the reality of scrolling through thousands of images has become so mundane that you can’t even remember what your original idea was to begin with?

We understand.

Making such a permanent decision doesn’t have to come at the cost of losing your time and sanity. The best way to consider a tattoo is to ask yourself a few simple questions:

Does this tattoo fit my personality?

Am I comfortable with the placement of the tattoo?

What style do I prefer the most: Realism? Traditional? Illustrative?


After you’ve made your mind up on your tattoo design, do some research on artists that will match your ideas; is the artist capable of creating the right tattoo for. Check to see if the artist has current photos on social media and/or has a portfolio of their artwork. It’s also a good idea to see if they’ve won any awards or have been showcased in any published magazines. Look at reviews of the studio where the artist works and compare that to other studios in the area. When in doubt, consultations are always a good idea.


As far as the studio where the artist works, how were you treated? Was the staff polite and helpful by answering all your questions?  Did the studio offer you a tour and take the time to explain the processes they follow? How clean was the studio? Were you impressed by the quality of work that you see displayed?


A tattoo experience is supposed to be exciting, let us show you why. Stop by to take a tour & see how we proudly distinguish ourselves from other tattoo studios.

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