As Your Tattoo Ages…

When your tattoo ages or needs some love, get a rework like this one done by Leah!
A Rework by Leah


As your tattoo ages, you may find it goes through some changes that are less than desirable. There are things you can do to slow this process down and to keep your tattoos looking fresh. Some are common sense practices, but you just have to get into the habit of doing it, like brushing your teeth.

Over time, a tattoo may fade or become dull as it ages. The lines could have possibly spread out wider than they were originally. Small details could have gotten lost as they blended over time. Smaller lettering or lettering done in a dainty font may be illegible. When your tattoo ages, all of these things are a possibility and should be considered. The good news is, you’re not stuck.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to prolong your tattoo looking it’s best while it ages is simply using a good lotion with sunblock. A Non-nano zinc oxide sunblock/lotion can help prevent fading and will nourish the skin of what it needs to stay moisturized and elastic. Some artists recommend some brands over others, and it’s a good idea to ask the opinion of your artist of what they recommend. Even really great brands aren’t very expensive, and are worth the investment for the health of your tattoos.

If your tattoos are already faded, you can’t resurrect the dead. The sunblock at this point won’t help much. However, it’s never too late to start using one to make your skin healthier, more moisturized, and elastic. This will help establish habits and prepare your skin for your next tattoo or to get your faded tattoo ready for what’s next.

So, what’s next? A touch-up. Your old, dull tattoo may just need a good sprucing up, much like a new paint job on an old house. A good touch-up can bring a tattoo back to life, better than you may imagine. When your tattoo ages, considering a touch-up may be the best option for you, especially if it’s a tattoo you’ve always loved. If you no longer care for that tattoo and don’t want a touch-up, you also have the option of a cover-up. There are a lot of artists that have done some amazing things with a cover-up.

If you are at the point of needing some touch ups or a cover up, maybe now is the right time to reach out and meet with one of our skilled artists with a free consultation!

During your free consult, you and your chosen artist will discuss your plans for the tattoo you need either covered or reworked. Once you and your artist come up with a concrete plan, they’ll likely want to take pictures of your current tattoo and possibly take a tracing so that they can expertly plan out the best course of action to make sure your new tattoo comes out as good or better than expected. You’ll also be told approximately how much time it will take, session break down, and cost.


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