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Another 10 Tattoo Designs & Their Meanings


Here’s part 5 to our series of the meanings of 10 popular tattoo designs! If you haven’t read the previous 4, we will link them at the end of this article for you to check out!

Part of the fun of having a tattoo is what they mean to us. Sometimes, however, they may mean something even more than you realized when you got it. These lists can also help someone figure out their next tattoo based on meanings behind the image, so we hope they can assist you in making your next tattoo choice.


Tear drop tattoos can have several meanings. Early on, a tear drop tattoo on the face meant that you had killed someone/been convicted of murder, and the number of tear drops represented how many people died. Now, the tear drop tattoo can represent loss, strength, fortitude, and bravery.


The meanings behind swallow tattoos can very, as seen in this tattoo done by Jared.
Swallow tattoos by Jared

The swallow, for sailors, means 5,000 nautical miles traveled. 4 swallows would essentially be the circumference of the Earth. A swallow with a knife or dagger usually represented a sailor lost at sea. For others, the swallow can mean loyalty, undying commitment, freedom, and protection.


Birth flowers tattoo by Leah

Many people, both men and women, are getting birth flowers to represent their children, usually. Sometimes someone gets them for other loved ones, but it’s most commonly seen for kids. Some people like to incorporate the names of their loved ones as well, often being a part of the flower stem. Birth flowers represent exactly what it sounds like, the flower of the month someone was born. Each individual flower has their own deeper meanings, some of which can be read about in the article below by clicking the button.


Geometric tattoo by Rob

Geometric style tattoos can come out quite amazing and stunning, sometimes very intricate and detailed. More and more often, you’ll see an artist give geometric tattoos a 3 dimensional appeal, adding depth to their fantastic beauty. Often, a geometric tattoo can represent structure, order, peace, enlightenment, and harmony.


Raven tattoo by Pineapple

Ravens and crows are a pretty popular choice for a bird tattoo. Ravens are among some of the smartest avians on Earth. They recognize and remember faces, they can mimic, and they are capable of solving puzzles. The raven/crow tattoos meanings can be rebirth, transformation, mystery, wisdom, intelligence, and renewal.


The traditional style pin-up girl tattoo has been around for about 100 years, and made popular by US sailors since before World War II. The traditional style hula girl tattoo was equally popular, but generally symbolized those that were either stationed in Hawaii, or somewhat symbolic of remembrance of Pearl Harbor. The pin-up girl tattoo often represents rebellion, sexuality, power, independence, and patriotism (oddly enough).


Lighthouse tattoo by Jared

Lighthouses are not only pretty cool to check out in person, but they also make a great tattoo, especially if you are a fan of the sea or you’re from the coast. Lighthouse tattoos represent safety, stability, the way home, strength, and leadership.


Wave tattoo and memorial piece by Leah

People of all types get ocean waves tattooed on them for various reasons. Waves, when large and towering, can be quite impressive and intimidating. Man has been using the power of waves for thousands of years, whether for travel or for recreation. Wave tattoos represent strength, power, adventure, travel, and change.


A more and more common trend in the tattoo industry is people getting latitude/longitude coordinates tattooed on them. They could be on where they were born, where they’re from, or where they’ve been/traveled. These kinds of tattoos represent happiness, remembrance, memory, destiny, and things to come.


We’re not sure how this one was overlooked for a previous top 10 list, but tigers are definitely a popular tattoo choice. People from all walks of life get tiger tattoos, from the dainty young lady to the big burly man. Tigers are a great choice for a tattoo for anyone that wants a tattoo the represents strength, power, stealth, cunning, fierceness, and virility.

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