Aiding in Healing

Here at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo, we get to meet a lot of different people, and get to hear a lot of different stories and reasoning behind their tattoos. Some are meant to be fun, to make themselves or others laugh. Some are a collection of their passions, hobbies, and interests. Whatever the reasoning, we are grateful for each of our clients. Sometimes, a client will come in with a heavy heart, mourning the loss of someone they love, and looking to start their healing process.

One day, we had the pleasure of meeting a young lady looking to get a butterfly tattoo. When we discussed the tattoo, she let us know the type of butterfly she would like along with the size and location, and she booked with Christina Walker. As she sits down with her artist, she began telling her backstory and the backstory of this tattoo. She, being a younger individual, lost her younger sister, suddenly and unexpectedly. Her journey through healing, started with a lot of sunny day hikes, and time spent outdoors doing what her sister loved. This brought her a sense of peace and closeness. As her spirits lifted, she was reminded of the small things that brought her joy. One of those being the cloudless sulfur butterfly. She began to see these butterflies whenever she hiked. She would think on her sister, and that same butterfly would come by to say “Hello”. She would bring her friends on her frequent hikes and tell them the story of these butterflies. As they were told these stories, right before their eyes, that butterfly would appear, giving them the chills. And at that point, this client decided it would be the perfect tattoo to represent the bond between her and her sister. She came in for a follow up session 2 weeks later, and shared with us, that on her way home that same butterfly paid her a visit. 

Now we know that there are many reasons to get a tattoo, and that a tattoo doesn’t necessarily have to have profound meaning. But when we are invited into someone’s life, offering them steps toward healing, it reminds us of how fortunate we are to share in these moments. Our artists are dedicated to each tattoo. Not only the artwork, but in providing a unique healing experience.

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