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(10) Even More Tattoo Designs & Their Meanings


With so many designs and styles out there, we at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo like to post them in bite-size amounts per article. 10 to be exact. It’s fun and interesting to learn the meaning and background behind some of the more popular designs and styles that can be found around the world. We will go over the next round below!


Watercolor designs, like this one by Leah, can be impressive
Watercolor Tattoo by Leah

Watercolor tattoos are both a design and a style. Not every tattoo artist has the skills it takes to pull off a really nicely done and believable watercolor tattoo. Unless the artist had a good mentor during an apprenticeship and has a good understanding of color composition, a novice attempt at a watercolor tattoo usually looks blotchy and lack the color gradient needed to make a convincing watercolor tattoo. The meaning behind them is usually elegance, fluidity, and balance.


One of the many possible designs for a wolf tattoo, like this constellation piece by Leah
Wolf Tattoo by Leah

Wolf tattoos are one of those designs that just has so many possibilities in regards to style. They can be done realistic, abstract, simplistic, and so on. Regardless of style choice, wolf tattoo designs, when done well, can be impressive and beautiful. Because of the nature of wolves, the tattoos of them often represent loyalty, family, and cunning. Fun fact, wolves are among the most loyal of animals in the world to their mate. They stay with the same partner for life and are also known to be one of the best parents to their offspring.


Medusa by Leah
Medusa by Rob

Medusa was a mythical figure from Ancient Greece and was one of the three Gorgons mentioned in their culture. She was a woman, transformed so that the lower half of her body was a serpent, she had snakes for hair, and could petrify anyone who looked at her. The meaning behind a medusa tattoo can be strength, power, survival, rebirth, transformation, and female empowerment. The medusa tattoo has also become a symbol for survivors of sexual assault.


God mask Tattoo by Vitalii

Norse viking designs are beautiful, it’s as simple as that. The intricate nature of some of these pieces are breathtaking. Some of the better connoisseurs of giving these tattoos often make them historically accurate based on the artwork found from those time periods. The god mask design is among many of the popular norse tattoos out there. Ultimately, the god mask represents adventure, bravery, and history.


Biomechanical, or bio-mech tattoo designs, are usually found in two distinctive types. One style is simply showing mechanical things mixed in with biological, like The Terminator. The other is very distinctive, as it looks like the works of the great artist, HR Giger. Giger designed the alien sets and creature for the original Alien movie. Biomech tattoos represent darkness, alter-ego, and mystery.


Spider tattoo over forearm
Cybersigilism Spider by Pineapple

This is one of those designs that’s the new kid on the block, so to speak. This style is a derivative of the popular tribal designs from the 90s . It’s far more stylized, a bit more gothic and fine lined, and has elements of the artworks of the previously mentioned HR Giger. They often represent darkness, macabre, futurism, and mysticism.


Itachis Eyes by Jared

Eyes are one of those designs that can either come out great, or they can come out creepy, sometimes both. It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. An eye tattoo can often mean wisdom, perception, intuition, protection, and insight.


Barbed wire tattoos have been popular for many years. It’s often incorporated into other images, but the most common occurrence of this tattoo is usually an arm, wrist, or ankle band. Often, a barbed wire tattoo represents resilience, strength, overcoming hardship, and authority.


Owl Tattoo by Leah

Owls are one of those designs that can be done in so many great ways, like the one pictured by Leah. An owl can be done realistic, illustrative, dark, colorful, whimsical, etc. There really is no limit on what can be done with an owl tattoo. Owls are often associated with wisdom, so it’s no surprise that wisdom is one of the things an owl tattoo can represent. Among wisdom, they can also mean maturity, life transitions, vision, and hope.


Lotus and Om Tattoo by Christina

The lotus flower has been a revered symbol for centuries is Asian countries, predominantly in the regions religions. Lotus flowers are often tattooed with an Asian theme, much like the cherry blossom. Lotus flowers can represent enlightenment, the journey of life, fulfillment, personal growth, and spiritual awakening.

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